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“There aren’t many who can capture them better”


Roy & Ying at Tamarind Hill / Wedding Photography by Film Wedding Photographer Brian Ho / thegaleria

When it came to selecting my wedding photographer, there was only one clear choice for me: Brian Ho of thegaleria. I chanced upon his services one day, long before marriage was on the cards, when a small Facebook ad popped up at the bottom right of my web browser. The lead image was a black and white photo that evoked a timeless aesthetic, with a very casual yet authentically attractive direction to it. It was like having an unobtrusive peek into the couple’s lives. It took me just one album to know, if I ever wanted someone to document the most important moment of my life, I would trust only thegaleria.

 Much has been touted about the quality of film, but more importantly to us, it represented his confidence in his skill

Wedding photos were, and still are, engaged in an arms race to have the most jaw-dropping scenery, or the funniest and most share-worthy poses. It is an artistic direction that some may prefer, but for me, I felt while those made for great pictures to showcase at a wedding, I wanted a photographer who could put my wife and I at the centre of it all. We wanted our relationship to be the focus of the pictures, and for the pictures to look great today as they would when our grandchildren look through them half a century later. In this regard, Brian is in a category of one. No one expresses his art the way Brian does. He still believes in the tradition of film. Much has been touted about the quality of film, but more importantly to us, it represented his confidence in his skill. There are no retakes when it comes to shooting on film, no previewing on a screen before making adjustments, just Brian, his camera and being in the moment.

 It’s like watching a romantic film: you, the audience, feel you’re right there with the stars of the show

With Brian, it didn’t feel like a photo shoot. And that’s really important, as we are unnatural in front of the camera. Brian was full of laughs, and connects with you immediately like a friend you’ve had for years. Sometimes you catch yourself being aware that he’s capturing certain shots, only for him to surprise you many days later after the film has developed, he’s actually caught a lot more intimate and casual moments between you and your spouse. It’s like watching a romantic film: you, the audience, feel you’re right there with the stars of the show, but obviously the stars don’t behave like they know someone’s watching. And the result is often magical, because it’s so authentic and everything fades into the background, only the two of you remain.

 He captures the most precious moments of your own love movie, starring you

And what shines through is the beautiful relationship that’s coming together in holy matrimony. And this is what Brian does best. He captures the most precious moments of your own love movie, starring you. Every couple has a different idea of how they want their wedding pictures to be captured, but Brian best represented mine.

But if you want memories that’ll last long after yours have fade, there aren’t many who can capture them better than Brian

I’m not only happy I got Brian of thegaleria to cover my wedding, I’m honoured to be able to invite a photographer whose work I admire so deeply to express his artistry for the most important day of my life. If you want beautiful photos to showcase at your wedding, or if you want pictures of all the happenings at your ceremony and banquet, many photographers will be able to do that for you. But if you want memories that’ll last long after yours have fade, there aren’t many who can capture them better than Brian of thegaleria. I’m glad I entrusted mine with him, and I hope you will too.

 – Roy & Ying –

“Capturing your magical story moment”


Chris & Grace at National Kitchen at National Gallery by Violet Oon Singapore

 You know you made the right choice in a wedding photographer when you get emotional all over again – and fall in love that little bit more – when reviewing the wedding photos and video.


Brian’s perspective and artistic eye captured the wedding so beautifully and authentically. What shone through Brian’s work wasn’t the usual staged shots of beautiful outfits and posed shots (though he did oblige us in a few of those!) but how beautiful the atmosphere created by two people people in love surrounded by their loved ones celebrating this major life event was.

Trust us – trust him and his process. He’s there…capturing your magical story moment by loving moment.

Don’t freak out when you don’t see Brian around. Trust us – trust him and his process. He’s there…capturing your magical story moment by loving moment.


– Chris & Grace –

“An astute observer of the human psyche”


I had first seen Brian’s work in 2008, and fell in love with his photography at first sight. I was enthralled by his love of black and white photography, his affair with film in a digital era, and his ability to tell such moving stories through still images. Seven years later, after I had met and fallen in love with my wife, and were planning our wedding, the first photographer I had in mind naturally was Brian. I remember the trepidation I felt when I first inquired about his availability on our wedding day, and my relief and delight when he indicated that he was indeed available. I can’t say for certain I would not have considered rescheduling our wedding if Brian had been unavailable. We met Brian a few times to discuss the wedding photography prior to the day. Through those conversations, we got to know him better, and appreciated even more keenly the philosophy behind his photography.

Brian doesn’t believe in templates, and while all wedding photographers will say that no two weddings are the same, Brian means it.

Brian was unobtrusive during the wedding, as he promised, but revisiting the photographs he took during the day, it is clear he was always at the right place at the right time.

Brian is an astute observer of the human psyche, and there is a poignancy about his photographs that words cannot describe.

We cannot recommend Brian highly enough. He’s the consummate professional, and his dedication to his craft and passion for his work sets him apart. For Brian, photography is not a job, but an art, and to us, Brian is one of the best artists at it. It was truly a privilege for us to have Brian photograph our wedding.


– Adrian & Kelly –

“A mix of professionalism, authenticity and minimalism”


Was fortunate to have Brian document my ROM (at last minute notice) through his analogue lens and I’m delighted with how it turned out. Brian’s philosophy and approach to his craft is a mix of professional, authentic and minimalist that resonated with how I wanted to remember the day and worked for camera-shy first-timers like me. No regrets!


– Victor & Sim Joo –

“Raw and romantic moments that we would cherish forever”

Brian is very professional with his craft and he made sure to meet us and get to know a little bit of us as a couple before the actual event itself. For a couple who is introvert like us, I think meeting prior to the actual event is meaningful as he spent an extra time to get to know his subject before the gig itself. Kudos to him as we really enjoyed the shoot even if that day, it was scorching hot. He is very game with our requests even if it means he being under the heat of the sun.

What really got us to get him is the unscripted photoshoot as we wanted our wedding to be as authentic as it would be and Brian did deliver us photos which captured the intimate, raw and romantic moments that we would cherish forever in our marriage.

From the bottom our our hearts, thank you Brian, for giving us memorabilia photos that we can share with our future kids.

– Jim & Rubie –



Michael & Qing / Chijmes / By Film Wedding Photographer Brian Ho thegaleria

Picture this: days before your wedding, you share with the photographer details of the wedding, and he goes,

“No, don’t tell me, I don’t want to know too much otherwise it’ll spoil the fun. I like to go with the flow.”

Picture again, on the morning of your wedding, when you pass him the program so he can refer to it for timing, he glances at it quickly, folds it and stuffs it in his pocket saying, “Ok thanks. But I really don’t need it, you know I like to wing it.” That’s just Brian. So…how did our pictures turn out? PHENOMENAL. I got to know Brian back when I was planning weddings. I’m an old soul; when I first met the one and only wedding photographer who uses film,

I’d decided right there and then that he would shoot my wedding.

Six years on, this decision didn’t change even though my husband-to-be turned out to be the ultimate tech geek who filled the house with digital picture frames, tablets, monitors, smart watches and a 55” voice-activated TV/entertainment system. I know Brian is quirky, but hearing his super chilled-out tone on the day as I handed over the reigns of my wedding, he actually got me slightly worried! But as with everything else on your wedding day, the worries were for nothing.

Everyone who has seen our pictures raved about how cool the “grainy” effect is, to which I very proudly inform them that this, is film photography.

I was surprised that untrained eyes pointed out the non-typical perspectives of Brian’s shots.

Even my tech-y husband admitted that the photographs had a timeless quality about them that could never be captured (or edited) digitally! I had many dreams come true for my wedding and thegaleria was one of them. So…what would I say about Brian?

Brian is the photographer you want for your wedding, you just don’t know it yet.


– Michael & Huiqing –

“Brian captures an atmosphere”


Rayavadee Krabi / Film Wedding Photography by Film Wedding Photographer Brian Ho from thegaleria / Kodak TRI-X

We have a love for all things vintage as in “really vintage”. Re-issued items and hipster vintage is all bull shit so it was natural that we would be critical when the time came to choose our wedding photographer. One glance at Brian’s work and we were convinced this was the man for the job.

A truly passionate and unpretentious photographer, Brian also specialises in film photography which was the main drawing factor for us.

Something truly mystical about not being able to delete photos and we just had to have those moments captured. To cut a long story short, we met with Brian once, shared our theme of “Indigo Summer” and he took the lead from there. It was so smooth that it felt like he was one of the invited guest. We engaged him for our second reception in Singapore as well!


Anyone can take a picture but Brian captures an atmosphere.


– Reuben & Samantha –

“His personality shines through not only in our conversations with him, but just as importantly, in his art”

Brian was the photographer for our wedding on the 5th of February this year. We are people who believe that if you choose an artist, you should let them get on with expressing themselves and that in turn will benefit you or your event. In that respect, that’s what we trusted Brian to do based on his portfolio. Safe to say, the trust was placed in the right hands. Brian is a joy to work with!

He knew what he was doing, was a true professional, and his personality shines through not only in our conversations with him, but just as importantly, in his art.

Weddings go by so quickly its possible you don’t remember much of it. So thanks Brian for framing those moments and emotions for us.


– Mark & Ying Tong –

“Photos that will still look fantastic many years ahead”

Brian covered my elder brother’s wedding in Singapore and we kinda hit off from there. Being a wedding photographer (based in Japan) myself, I will definitely want the best wedding photographer for my own wedding.

 The style that had always inspired me were the kind of wedding pictures that were very real, like journalism, like fleeting moments in our everyday lives, not posed or re-enacted.


Daniel & Yumiko / Nagano / Film Wedding Photographer Brian Ho / thegaleria

When I saw my brother’s pictures, I knew this was THE kind of wedding pictures that I want for my own wedding. Besides, both Brian and myself share a deep passion for analogue photography so he was naturally the perfect choice. Most, if not all of my Japanese guests, friends, professionals enjoyed the experience with Brian. In summary, I think it is really important to have wedding pictures taken for keeping memories. No need for fanciful retouches or elaborated poses because wedding pictures are not commercial pictures for glamour magazines. They are memories to keep and to pass down for future generations so having them documented in a medium that has been recognised and tested through time, you can be sure the beauty will remain eternal.


– Daniel & Yumiko –

“Our Biggest Day captured in Time”

I still remember meeting Brian for the first time with my fiancee. We hit it off instantly and the chemistry was right. We met like 4 other photographer but Brian just felt right.

Love the honesty in his pictures. Candid, non pretentious, just portfolio of couples just being themselves. Unaware of this masterful photographer capturing every smile, tear and laughter.

Our wedding certainly was a physical challenge for Brian. We had a river crossing over a sampan and Brian had to run from one end where we boarded the sampan til the other end where we alighted. This was having 2-3 cameras on him at the same time! Yet it was the day we received our photos that really showcased his talent. While digital photography was on the rise, his shots was shot on film medium. Giving both Gael and myself that familiar look that we had growing up playing with consumer film cameras. I never really told Brian this but deep in my heart,

 Brian Ho has captured my wife the way I see her. Her unlimited expressions. Every nuance of her captured beautifully.

It was the perfect medium to document our wedding.


– Tony & Gael –