Actual Day Weddings

Unscripted Wedding Photography

We have a simple philosophy to wedding photojournalism. We call it…

Unscripted Wedding Photography

With the Unscripted way, every moment is real, nothing is staged. Why should we be creating “memories” that aren’t real?

As Actual Day Wedding Photographers, we are merely observers patiently waiting for moments to unfold. We don’t change an event and we don’t create moments that weren’t there.

The Decisive Moment

Like a hunter armed with a rifle, we simply know instinctively when to press the camera shutter at precisely the right moment. That is when as legendary photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson once described, “the moment the photographer is creative”. He calls it le moment décisif (the decisive moment). For us, capturing decisive moments is central to everything we do in the world of Actual Day Wedding Photography.

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Roy & Ying at Tamarind Hill / Wedding Photography by Film Wedding Photographer Brian Ho / thegaleria

Roy & Ying at Tamarind Hill

Deon & Sheila, Andaz Singapore

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Samm & Davis at St John’s Chapel / Kodak TRI-X 400

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Adam & Charlotte, Tanarimba, Malaysia

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Emanuele & Ying, Empress at ACM

Rayavadee Krabi / Film Wedding Photography by Film Wedding Photographer Brian Ho from thegaleria / CineStill 800T

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Xander & Wanling, Royal Albatross

Josh & June, Villa Bayuh Sabbha, Bali / Kodak TRI-X 400

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