It’s Handmade! – A Handcrafter’s Documentary

Made for the Next Generation

Handmade Photo Albums / All handcrafted for Film Wedding Photographer Brian Ho / thegaleria[dropcap]The[/dropcap] FineArt series of our Handmade Photo Album is our most exclusive range of photo albums made with one simple philosophy – we make albums for the next generation. It is for that very reason that we only use the best materials sourced from all around the world.

All Handmade

[dropcap]Every[/dropcap] album from the FineArt series are made by hand and because of that, no one album is ever like another. This lends to the unique character of our handmade photo albums. While maintaining fine craftsmanship throughout the whole album-making process, every photo album that comes out from our workshop has its own distinct individuality.

Fine Art Workshop Behind the Scenes / Handmade Photo Albums by Film Wedding Photographer Brian Ho / thegaleria

The Leather

[dropcap]The[/dropcap] cover of our photo albums are made from genuine high-quality leather sourced from absolutely the best tanneries in the world. Most of the leather we source are produced in very limited quantity which makes every album’s finishing distinctly different from another. No two photo albums are ever the same


Hahnemühle Fine Art

Hahnemuhle Fine Art Paper[dropcap]While[/dropcap] our photo albums have gone through many iterations and refinements over the years, one thing remained the same – we’ve always printed photos only on fine art paper of the highest quality. Our photos are printed almost exclusively on world renown German-made Hahnemühle fine art papers, arguably the best fine art papers currently available today.

tête-à-tête with Hahnemühle

I belong to the old school of thought that photos are best appreciated in printed form. It gives you a sense of depth that is somehow different than viewing it off a printed computer screen. The element of touch and feel is missing from a computer screen.

Fine Art Workshop Behind the Scenes

Ich habe immer versucht, jede Hochzeit anders als die anderen zu fotografieren. Ich glaube, dass jede Hochzeit anders ist, weil die Chemie zwischen den Menschen verschieden ist. Aber das ist leichter gesagt, als Woche für Woche wirklich getan, wenn Hochzeiten alles ist, was sie sehen. Neue Perspektiven sind eine ständige Herausforderung und als kreative Person ist mir eine frische Perspektive wichtig.