Abel & Mei Lin

For the average folk (myself included), standing in front of the camera isn’t easy as much as I tell you it is. Even with my unscripted way of things where you just need to be yourselves (without the need to stage things), it’s still tough. Abel & Mei Lin will attest to that and most of my wedding couples would tell me the same thing. The trick is to keeping things candid and fun to the point that you as a photographer would just “blend into the surrounding”. Communication is key. Harder for some photographers but relatively easier for me as I’m the talkative sort. After a while, I’ll just be like the annoying friend who keeps hovering around like a pesky shadow.

Filmed partly on Kodak Professional Portra 160 & TRI-X 400
Make-up & Hair-styling: The Makeup Room
Wardrobe (Evening Session): Yeomama Batik
Art Direction & Photography: Brian Ho