Daryl & Samantha / Alkaff Mansion

Samantha and myself have two things in common. First, we are both wedding photographers. Secondly, we’re both absolutely obsessed with analogue film. That was how we got to know each other and over the course of our time as wedding photographers, our path have crossed numerous times. Do a quick search on my website and you’ll see Samantha’s name popping up quite a bit. So when the day came, I can’t say I’m all too surprised that I’ll be her wedding photographer. While wedding photography has become pretty routine for me but when it’s someone you know so well, it takes on a very different perspective, almost surreal and yet very familiar.

Location: Alkaff Mansion
Make-up & Styling: Daisy Artistry
Samantha’s Gown: Jacquemus, Mywony
Daryl’s Suit: Common Suits
Bridesmaid Outfir: Claude, Forcast
Bridal Bouquet: Floral Kokoro
Wedding Cake: Yume Patisserie