Suresh & Luanne – The All Analogue Pre Wedding Affair

Usually when wedding couples come to me asking for an all film approach, it makes jump with glee from excitement. I’m after all a film photographer. However, what Suresh & Luanne had in mind made me sit down and ponder. They wanted an all analogue film approach in possibly the lowest lighting conditions. I have spoken at length what film is good for and what it is not. Very low lighting is one area where analogue film doesn’t excel well especially when you combine it with an available light approach (aka no flash photography).

“Be brave. Don’t be afraid to break boundaries”

That’s what they said to me and that’s all that was needed to make me go…

“Heck. Let’s do it!”

We took inspiration from several sources but a lot of it came from Wong Kar-Wai’s Chungking Express but as with most of my pre-wedding shoot, we’ll let nature take it’s own course and allow the story to reveal themselves organically.

Make-up & Styling: Jennis Wong
Luanne’s Gown: CCM Wedding
Filmed exclusively on FujFilm Pro 400H, Superia 1600 & Kodak Portra 160, TRI-X 400