Should I Start Planning for my Wedding? Life after Covid-19

This is really a time where we have so many questions and so little answers. How long will this Covid-19 pandemic last? Will there be another Circuit Breaker? Will (or what if) my wedding falls during Circuit Breaker? Unfortunately, I only have answers to some of these questions, not all. All I know is we’re all in this together.

A “Penned Up Wedding Demand”

As dire as the current situation may look, it really shouldn’t stop you from making plans for your wedding day. In fact, you should get the planning process running if you intend to hold your wedding ceremony sometime end of this year and early next year. We are in a situation that is best described as a “Penned up Wedding Demand”. Folks who intend to tie the knot aren’t getting any lesser because of this pandemic. Those who couldn’t get married in the second and third quarter (of this year) might be looking at the fourth or perhaps first quarter of next year. In effect, we have more lovely couples wanting to get married “squeezed into narrower time frame” and with a limited pool of wedding professionals at your disposal.

Saying “I Do” The Sims Way

There’s this talk on “virtual weddings” and whether it’ll be the new way weddings would be conducted. From the wedding couples that I’ve spoken to and also from a brief radio interview segment at CNA, it doesn’t seem like that’ll be the next trend. One the things I keep hearing is that virtual weddings feel very impersonal and “transactional”. It wasn’t how most wedding couples would want their special day to be remembered and many stressed on the importance of having the physical presence of those who hold dear to them (i.e. family and close friends). You can’t have that with a virtual wedding. Humans are creatures for physical intimacy.

My Wedding is Caught in a Circuit Breaker

There is no telling if there’ll be another Circuit Breaker. There is also no telling if the pandemic will make another run at us. If your wedding date is caught in the flurry of yet another Circuit Breaker, just let us know. We’ll work on another suitable date for you. No penalties. No hidden fees.

What if my new Wedding Date isn’t available?

As much as we’ll hate to lose you because of unavailability, but if it really comes to that, we’ll issue you a Full Refund on your paid deposit. That’s our guarantee to you. We will not leave you in a lurch. We only ask you to…

Postpone If You Can.
Cancel Only If You Must.

Like I said, we’re all in this together.