Damien & Grace

The Covid-19 Circuit Breaker (it’s basically a fanciful word for a Lockdown) is an especially trying time for us wedding photographers. I can’t recall when I had such a long break in my 14 year career as a wedding photographer. However, it has also given me the opportunity to catch up with past works, complete unfinished projects and rekindle friendships that has been buried under a huge pile of work.

That is how I suddenly thought about Damien & Grace. They are both currently living in London, the current epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic in Europe. I wish for them to be healthy and safe, hopefully the worst is over for the UK and for the rest of the world too.

Damien & Grace and myself somehow connected immediately when we first met. Nothing much need to be said. I vaguely remember Damien telling me, “You’ll know what to do on that day”. Such was our unspoken chemistry and trust.

Church Ceremony: Church of Our Lady Queen of Peace
Wedding Dinner: Yan Palace at National Gallery
Filmed partly on FujFilm Pro 400H & Kodak TRI-X 400