Amias & Esther / St Andrew’s Cathedral

I’ve been less than diligent in keeping my blog updated due to the crazy period I had in the last 2 months. That said, I’ll like to kick off the new year (decade actually) with Amias & Esther’s church ceremony at St Andrew’s Cathedral. This wasn’t a wedding that happened recently but one that happened almost a year back but it was also a wedding I wanted to talk about since Amias & Esther are very dear friends. Nothing is more special than documenting a wedding of people you know well. It’s indeed a tremendous honour that a friend would bestow upon me the monumental responsibility of recording perhaps one of their most important day of their life. I undertake that task with a huge sense of pride.

Church Ceremony: St Andrew’s Cathedral
Esther’s Gown: Frieda Brides
Make-Up & Styling: Hannah Oh