Benny & Rachel

The name Benny should be quite familiar for those who have been following me for a while. Benny and myself go a long way. It started with a short film that I was directing and we ended up working together on wedding assignments as close associates. He was the one I entrusted my wedding photos to when my big day came. Wedding couples who had the opportunity to work with Benny know how good he was – quick on his feet with an amazing eye for details and moments, not to mention he’s a gorgeous man (not my words). While it’s a pity to see him give up wedding photography, I knew he was always destined for something better and bigger. The world of wedding photography was simply too small for him.

I made a promise to him that when his big day came, I’ll be his wedding photographer. So when he told me he’s found that special someone and would finally settle down, I told him it was my turn to fulfill that promise, just like what he did for me at my wedding. He already had Kai as his wedding photographer by then and he would have loved for me to feast and be merry at his wedding but he knew I’m a wedding photographer at heart. I don’t sit down and be merry at weddings. That’s not what a wedding photographer does…especially not for me.

One of the most ironical thing for me at my wedding was that as someone who was most recognised as a film photographer, my wedding was never documented in film. When Benny’s turn came, I was adamant that at least a part of his wedding to be documented in analogue film, just like how it has been for many of my wedding couples who have picked this old school medium that has withstood the test of time despite the odds.

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Wedding Party: Red Dot BrewHouse @ Dempsey
Wedding Dinner: Chijmes

Digital on EOS R. Filmed partly on FujiFilm Superia 1600, Kodak Professional Portra 160, TRI-X 400