Elliot & Peggy

This was a Pre-wedding session that almost didn’t happen. Elliot and Peggy weren’t huge fans of very posy-style pre wedding and they had difficulty finding a photographer who would do otherwise. In their own words – “We aren’t very good actors”.

By the stroke of luck, they found me and love what they saw – the raw and unscripted way. More importantly, they wanted something that allowed them to be what they wanted to be. Within a week, we set things in motion and before we knew it, a Pre Wedding session that almost didn’t happen did happen in a way that they both really wanted.

After just a minute into the shoot, I can understand why the unscripted way were simply perfect for them. They were just so bubbly and full of energy and to think that someone would ask them to act differently would be quite unthinkable.

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Peggy’s Gown by Alisha & Lace