Guohui & Geraldine

Pre Weddings need not always be about exotic locations and drop-dead gorgeous backdrops. Sometimes, the most meaningful places spent with the people dearests to you are really those that hold the most memories. That was exactly what Guo Hui & Geraldine did for their pre-wedding, together with their trusty fur friend, Tenshi. It’s a simple shoot right at their backyard (well, not exactly at their backyard but it’s close enough) and at a cafe where they spent a lot of time together.

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Location: Pasir Ris Park & Percolate Cafe
Geraldine’s Dress: Stolenstolen
Flowers: Twig And Twine
Photography: Brian Ho

Filmed partly on CineStill 50D, Kodak Portra 160 & TRI-X 400