Ronald & Lynn

Ronald & Lynn’s “Traditional Chinese-cum-Western” wedding came not too long after their pre-wedding in Hong Kong. Only in South East Asia, do you get such a unique blend of cultures in one single wedding. Like the pre-wedding we did in Hong Kong, it always feels great to have the complete trust of the wedding couple to wield your creative wand in any way you see fit.

Banquet: Capella Singapore
Hair and Make-Up: Ou Yuhui
Wedding Dress, Evening Gown and Suit: Silhouette The Atelier
Accessories: Choo Yilin
Wedding Band: De Beers
Wedding invites: Papypress
Florist: In house
Props: Im-Perfection
Standee: Botak Signs
Photobooth: Instantly
Videography: XD Studios
Photography: Brian Ho / thegaleria