Mutt Shot

Mutt Shot / A Dog Portrait Photography SessionWhen Lomography loaned me a set of their 19th century remake of Charles Chevalier’s DAGUERREOTYPE ACHROMAT lens, I thought about who and what my test subjects would be. So happens that my Mini Schnauzer, Ponyo was fresh out of her grooming session. I decided there and then, she’ll be my first test subject. This was really how MUTT SHOT was conceived, an impromptu session that quickly turned into an idea.

Now, I would like to extend this very unique portraiture session to dog lovers.

Daguerreotype Achromat

Mutt Shot would be shot exclusively with the Daguerreotype Achromat lens. The dreamy, surreal-like feel images is one of the unique characteristic of this lens.

Minimalist Style

I’m going with a minimalist style for this shoot. So, there won’t be any fanciful backdrops nor props that has nothing to do with dogs. It’s just a pure, simple and straightforward portraiture session, no gimmicks whatsoever.

Only for Two Weeks

That’s the amount of time I have with this vintage lens – two weeks. Once the lens is off my hands, I’m done with Mutt Shot.


$400 for a short ½ hour session. This will also include a Photo Scroll containing images of the shot made the handcrafters from The Leather Mallet. A set of photos would also be returned to you in digital format. MAKE AN APPOINTMENT now!

Only Dogs?

Not necessarily. I’m actually open to different subjects (any cat or rabbit lovers out there?), different genres of photography and collaborations (fashion, models and stills) too. Just drop me a note.

It’s really just Two Weeks!

I don’t mean to be naggy, but I really only have two weeks with this lens, so do get in touch with me real quick.