Yang Kang & Jessica / Hong Kong

There are two things I love about Hong Kong. Firstly (and not surprisingly), the food. Secondly, the haphazard nature of the city which gives it what I call a “chaotic vibrancy”. The first thing I discussed with Yang Kang & Jessica for the shoot was I do not want the “overly-cliche” kind of shots that Hong Kong is typically known for. The other plus point for this shoot was that both Yang Kang & Jessica are based in Hong Kong, so they know the place like any local would. So, we ended up with some really iconic spots that were in many ways quintessentially Hong Kong without being too overly-cliche.


We’re looking forward to be back in Hong Kong in early April to discover more hidden gems amidst the hustle bustle of this vibrant city. Check out some of the exciting places we’re heading to.

Art Direction: Brian Ho, Jessica & Yang Kang
Photography & Post-Production: Brian Ho / thegaleria
Make-Up & Styling: Jessica (yes, the bride. She’s so versatile that way)
Filmed partly in Fuji Pro 400H, Kodak Portra and Kodak TRI-X