The Petzval Experiment


This is a shout out to fashion designers, models, blogshop owners and basically anyone who’s keen on collaborating on something really experimental. The folks at Lomography Singapore is kind enough to loan me a Petzval lens, a re-make of the original first conceived in 1840. So, I thought of collaborating with some like minded people for this photo shoot. Those who have been following me for a while, you know I’m a huge fan of the CineStill 800T, so I’ve got the wonderful folks of CineStill on board as well.

There are only 3 RULES to The Petzval Experiment…

Rule #1 – It’s just the Petzval

This project would be shot entirely with the Petzval lens. You won’t be seeing my usual set of prime lenses.

Rule #2 – Only on CineStill 800T film

Yes, some of you would probably associate me with my all time favourite film, the Kodak TRI-X. But for this project, I’ll only be using the CineStill 800T.

Rule #3 – Expect the Unexpected

This project is experimental for a reason. So, don’t expect photos to turn out like the way you’re used to seeing them. This series of work would likely be quite different from my usual genre. The closest match would probably be my a Lomography works, but I reckon the final look would still be quite different. Do check out what some fellow Lomographers have done with the Petzval lens –

So, whether you’re a wedding couple looking for something different, or a fashion designer, blogshop owner or an aspiring or experienced model looking for something outrageous, drop me a note and we can work on a collaboration. Slots are limited as I’m looking at only a handful of projects. So, do keep your proposals coming.