Reuben & Samantha / Rayavadee Krabi

This is my second assignment at Krabi in the month of July and let me say this again….I love beach weddings. It’s super chill and you can wear berms and still feel you’re the best dressed person there. I was told by the folks at Rayavadee Krabi that it’s pretty rare that there are weddings in the month of July as it’s the peak monsoon season. And just like the wedding I covered a week before this, Reuben & Samantha’s was blessed with excellent weather although just an hour before, everything was pointing towards a wet weather plan. Reuben & Samantha had a theme in mind – the colour Indigo. Fortunately for me, this was a colour I have in abundance, so I blended in perfectly.  Like most beach weddings, the setting and mood is usually very chill and Reuben & Samantha had an amazingly fun and boisterous bunch of friends with them filled with some of the most witty speeches I’ve ever heard. Oh ya, they can really party too!




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Location: Rayavadee Krabi
Photography: Brian Ho / thegaleria
Filmed on CineStill 800T, Kodak Portra 160/400, Kodak TRI-X