Singapore Wedding Photographers Who Shoot on Film – Featured on The Wedding Scoop

The Wedding Scoop did a feature on “Singapore Wedding Photographers Who Shoot on Film” and some of my analogue film works were featured. My film journey with weddings started more than 8 years ago. It all started with a roll of Kodak TRI-X and it soon turned into a very serious passion. Back then when I was pitching the idea of shooting weddings on analogue film, people thought I was mad. This was in the time when digital photography was starting to take flight and all the rage was how sharp and crisp photos taken with digital cameras were. You can switch ISO as you please. The best part was the instant preview. Everybody could be an instant photographer. Questions that I’ve always been asked – “Why go through all that trouble (with film) when digital cameras could do wonders?” What I did was seen as step backward. It didn’t help that one by one, films were disappearing from the shelves. One after another, film companies ceased production of famous films. The most notable one was the now defunct Kodak Ektachrome.

Fast forward 8 years, I’m glad to see so many wedding photographers have jumped into the film bandwagon. Some are clearly film photographers while others provide film as a digital alternative. Whatever the case, perhaps there is something in the traditional medium that is so alluring that some photographers would go through all the trouble just to have them recorded on film. As for myself, things have not changed all the much since the faithful day I came into contact with film photography. The Kodak TRI-X still remains as my favourite film. My wedding shoots are still done mostly in analogue film. And I’m still developing my black & white films in the same makeshift “darkroom” I’ve spent my entire career perfecting this craft.