Justine & Brian

For the last 8 years, I’ve helped countless wedding couples document perhaps the most important day of their life and I’ve always been known to be the man behind the lens for as long as I could remember. Came Feb 22, it was finally my turn to settle down and for a change, I’m the man in front of the lens. The feeling was very surreal.It almost felt like I’m attending yet another wedding but this time it was mine.

For those who have known me for a while, you’ll know I’m a film photographer. My wife Justine is also an avid film photographer and has a mean collection of lomo cameras. We also love things that are handmade. So, we really wanted the wedding to be very representative of what we love – film photography + handmade stuff. That’s how we came out with the idea of the “film canister invite” and decided to hand make most of our wedding stuff.

One question I’ve always been asked as a wedding photographer – who would be the photographer for my wedding? That task fell to my two associates, Benny Ong and Tony Eng, both are excellent wedding photojournalists in their own right. In fact, over the years, I’ve had the privilege of meeting some the best talents in the wedding industry, many whom I regard as close friends now. I’m honoured that some of them were part of my wedding, contributing their special touches in their own unique way.













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Location: The White Rabbit
Photography: Benny Ong, Tony Eng for thegaleria
Videography: Damon Low / Damon Low Videography
Justine’s dress: Amanda Lee / Amanda Lee Weddings
Brian’s outfit: Tessuti
Brian’s bow ties: Amanda Lee / Amanda Lee Weddings
Justine & Brian’s Sneakers: TOMS
“March In” Kids’ Outfit: Lapinpin
Make-up (Justine): Ginger Lynette Lyn
Hair-styling (Justine): Kazu Leong
Make-up (bridal entourage): Gigi Sng
Hair-styling (bridal entourage): Kenneth Ong
Floral Arrangement: elle&becks
Wedding Cake: Flor Pattiserie
Solemniser: Kenneth Yap
Exhortation: Uncle Tai Kok
Wedding Coordinators: Agnes Seah, Bowen Chan
Wedding Singers: Amias Lum, Jaspar Lor, Kenneth Yap
Music & Entertainment: Daniel Purnomo, Ywenna Carollin, L. Prakash Xavier
Special Appearance: VOX
All materials handmade with Daler Rowney Aquarelle paper, Hahnemühle Monet Canvas and German Etching fine art paper