I met LinLi back in 2009 when she wanted me to do her pre-wedding shoot in London. 5 years on, she started her own kids fashion label, Lapinpin and approached me with an idea of doing a collaboration. Naturally, I was delighted. Firstly, artists collaborations excite me. It’s like putting two great minds together. Secondly, I was really happy for her for she is finally doing something she was truly passionate about and it really shows in her debut Spring Summer 2014 collection. Do check out the whimsical Lapinpin at You can even conveniently make a purchase via their online store.









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About Lapinpin (excerpt from their website)
Lapinpin is a fashion label designed for whimsical children age 1 to 4 years old. We love a child with endless wonderland thoughts, and if you are one like that, our creations are for you. Our story is about Lapinpin, a very furry bunny. Each collection will be inspired by a different stage of Lapinpin’s life and experiences. We hope you can share Lapinpin’s adventures at each stage though the clothes we design and create.