Charissa featured in The Wedding Notebook


Charissa, Paris. 2008. This photo is easily my most iconic and recognisable image. It’s been featured countless times in various publications and 5 years on, it’s been featured once again in the Fourth Issue of THE WEDDING NOTEBOK. There is an interesting story behind this image and I love to tell it over and over again. This image was the first frame on the first roll of film during my first ever pre-wedding shoot in Paris. Best of all, it was taken at a nondescript residential street. One will not immediately identify this image with Paris which makes this image universally appealing. The Wedding Notebook liken this image to a Marilyn Monroe photo taken in New York in 1955. Gown by Amanda Lee Weddings. Cam/Lens: EOS 3/50mm. Film: Kodak TRI-X. Colour-grading: thegaleria Labs.

The Wedding Notebook (Issue 4) –