Esmond & Xin Mei / Nagano & Tokyo

This would be my maiden trip to Nagano and I really hope to be back some time soon. Nestled at the south of Kanto region and just a mere 1 hour Shinkansen ride away from Tokyo station, Nagano is just a stone’s throw away from urban Tokyo with so much to offer. You have everything here – gorgeous backdrops, countryside tranquility, a slice of its rich history and old world charm that reminded me so much of Miyazaki’s animated films. But above all, I have many people to thank for without them, this shoot wouldn’t have been possible. Daniel, my photographer friend based in Nagano has been instrumental in helping me with the location scouting. He knew exactly what I wanted. And also Maho and Ayako for being so patient with us and sticking out with us throughout the entire shoot in Nagano. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful folks at Edohara Pension who have been so accommodating during our stay there. Like how Esmond puts it, “Just when you thought they have done all they could have done, they surprise you with yet another gesture of hospitality time and time again”. In fact, that’s how I would sum up my trip.







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Location: Nagona & Tokyo, Japan
Xin Mei’s Gown (Nagano): Junko Yoshioka
Esmond’s Suit: Justmen’s
Make-up & Hair-styling (in Nagano): Maho Hamashima, Ayako Kurosawa
Location Scouting & Logistics: Daniel Yeoh
Photography & Art Direction: Brian Ho / thegaleria