Daryl & Elona

 I realised I’ve been talking awfully a lot about the weather lately. I guess it can’t be helped if the outcome of your assignment is so dependant on the weather being favourable to you. I remembered Elona texted me in the morning asking me whether if we should postpone the shoot as the weather didn’t look at all good even before the shoot. We contemplated on that thought for a while before going by our gut feel that we should just proceed with the shoot and see what happens next. Thankfully, that was a good call as it was bright and sunny right from the moment we started the shoot. It did rain for a short spell though but we were taking a break and weren’t shooting at that time. I guess you could say the sun shined for us when it mattered most. Even Daryl couldn’t believe that we got our shoot done completely unscathed. Apparently, it was raining cats and dogs in many parts of the island that day. In the end, we had a very nice shoot with lots of banter and laughter.






Make-up & Hair-styling: Jacqueline Law
Elona’s Gown: Bridal Veil
Photography & Art Direction: Brian Ho / thegaleria