Cherie & Kevin at Rayavadee Krabi

This would be my maiden trip to Krabi and what a wonderful trip this was. Picturesque setting and an absolutely beautiful weather welcomed me the moment I landed but I was told it was a different story a couple of days back. The weather has been really bad – thunderstorm, heavy rain and all. Basically, all the things you do not want when you’re having an outdoor wedding. Thankfully, everything was bright and blue when it mattered most. There were some passing showers during the night but definitely not strong enough to dampen our spirits. In the end, it was a very short trip but one that was very memorable – beautiful couple, lovely people and an absolutely wonderful wedding. Cherie & Kevin, if you’re reading this, thanks for having me at your wedding 🙂

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Location: Rayavadee, Krabi
Cherie’s Gown: The Dressin Room, Ranee K
Photography: Brian Ho / thegaleria
Videography: Treasure Productions