Raffles Romance Wedding Fair – 31 March 2012

This is by far my most elaborate and expensive setup that I’ve done for Raffles Hotel after having participated over four times in the Raffles Romance Wedding Fair. The idea was first conceived when Justine came up with a seemingly random comment of creating a “boutique store” and “hanging my photos like clothes”. The idea makes perfect sense as one my unique selling point is the various options of fine art paper that I can print on. So, having photos printed on different fine art paper is pretty much like how clothes are made of different fabric. The plan was set in motion, new ideas were added along the way and before I knew it, I had my “boutique store” complete with a floating platform and a mannequin.

20120331_40521 20120331_40861 img-20120331-wa00051 20120331_40851 20120331_40481 20120331_40821

Design Features: Oak wood floating platform with warm under-lighting, brushed metal “clothes rack”, flexible cubes as tables, shelves and storage
Original Idea: Justine Loh
Interior Designer: Michelle Loh / Latitude ID
Carpentry for Photo Frames: Stephen Ho
Photos: Brian Ho / thegaleria