Andrew & Terienia

I still remembered the first time I met Andrew & Teri. It was on Valentine’s Day at Starbucks at VivoCity. We hit it off immediately but it was only after sometime when we got in touch again. This time with good news for me. The next thing we did was to set aside a day driving around and looking for off-the-beaten-track places to shoot in this little red dot of ours. Most of the time, it ended up as an eating tour. But it was nevertheless a fruitful endeavour and we did find places we really like….places to shoot I mean. Andrew and Teri, if you’re reading this, thanks for having Luvin and myself at your wedding and it was indeed a pleasure to be given the opportunity to document such an important event in your life.

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Make-up and Hair-styling: Gin
Terienia’s Gown: Amanda Lee
Church Ceremony: Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Church
Banquet: Regent Singapore
Photography: Brian Ho & Luvin Lim / thegaleria