Benny Ong / Associate Photographer


With every passing year, we meet new people. Some are acquaintances, some become friends while some eventually become close associates. Some of you who have been following my blog and Facebook would have probably heard of Benny as he has been my associate for numerous wedding shoots that I’ve done. I met Benny during a casting session for the short film, The Passing/过 that I directed more than a year back. He was my main cast and even back then, he already had a keen interest in photography. One thing led to another and I’m now proud to introduce Benny Ong as my Associate Photographer.

Here’s a short excerpt of the interview I had with Benny…

How did photography got started for you?
Since young, I’ve always been exposed to various mediums of the arts – drawing, paintings, sculpture and above all photography. Photography has always been a medium of expression that I was most comfortable with. In many ways, I felt very at ease with photography and it’s easy for me to convey my message to the audience.

Why weddings?
I love people photography. Wedding is really a lot about people. There are myriad of different expressions in weddings – excitement, joy, love and all the priceless moments and expression all in one single event.

Where do you draw inspiration as a photographer?
I see photography as an art form. I constantly expose myself to different genres of art and this helps refresh my perspective as a photographer and more importantly as an artist.

What keeps you going? How do you keep every wedding fresh?
I’ve taken countless weddings over the course of my career as a photographer and yet I still feel that every wedding is unique in its own way. The people, the mood and the atmosphere is different for every wedding. And it’s that very difference and uniqueness that I aspire to capture. But above all, my love and passion for photography challenges me to look for something new in every wedding. Even after sleepless 48-hour back-to-back weddings, I still feel fresh and raring to go. I guess that’s what passion does to you. It drives you pass a limit you never thought possible.

How do see yourself 5 years from now?
Well, I believe I’ll still be looking back at all the unforgettable memories I’ve helped people to capture and I would still be looking forward to many more happy memories to come.