JY & Sharon at Venice

Story-boarding has always been an important element for all my pre-wedding shoots more so for those that are done overseas. Usually what I’ll do is to arrive one or two days earlier and plan out all the possible locations that I might want to do a shoot. The planning is quite comprehensive with details of exact timing and walking routes so that on the day itself, everything is very efficiently done and everyone is clear with the art direction. But Venice was a little different, the whole place is like a big labyrinth and every turn of the corner look so similar. So, I remembered telling JY & Sharon this “We’re gonna walk from Piazza San Marco to Rialto Bridge, but I have no idea how to get there”. It’s really very difficult to chart out a route in Venice, so most of our exploration was pretty much touch & feel and gut instinct. Nevertheless, everything turn out much better than what I had hoped for.


Sharon’s gown: Kai Bridal
Photography & Art Direction: Brian Ho / thegaleria
Film (Black & White): Kodak TRI-X