Guillaume & Francesca

I remembered reading an article about this photographer who does street photography. I can’t remember whether he was press photographer or a hobbyist but all I knew about him was that he loved street photography which incidentally was how photography started for me. His method was very simple. He’ll look for a busy location like an intersection of two busy streets and he’ll plant himself there waiting for events and moments to unfold. According to him, if you stay put at a location long enough, very soon you’ll just blend in and people would not take notice of you even when you’re just a few feet away from them. And he always used a 35mm or 50mm lens, which is essentially a close-range lens. In war photographer Robert Capa’s words. “If your photo ain’t good enough, you’re not close enough”. This was pretty much the case for this wedding. Small, confined place with people mingling around. There were “moments” at every turn and never more than a few feet away; and all I had to do is to look for a nice spot, plant myself there and observe. Every five to ten minutes or so, I would look for a new spot, stay put and observe all over again.

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Francesca’s gown: Vera Wang
Venue: Bistro Bar, 3 Rochester Park
Photography: Brian Ho & Luvin Lim from thegaleria
Videography: Substance Films