Adriel & Winnie in Paris

For some reason, this trip was a lot more relaxed than my previous ones even though I believe I actually covered much more ground. Could be because I’m a lot more familiar with this place than other European cities after having been here and stayed in a different andorissement (district) on separate occasions. So, location scouting was a lot more thorough and concise. Could also be the weather this time round was pretty cooling throughout the day. I remembered there was a heat wave in Western Europe the same period last year, making walking around such an uncomfortable endeavour. Nevertheless, it was good to be back in this beautiful city. A truly romantic city in every sense of the word.

Make-up & Hair-styling: Miu
Winnie’s Wardrobe: Amanda Lee
Photography & Art Direction: Brian Ho
Filmed partly on Ilford Delta 400, Ilford HP5+, Kodak TRI-X, Kodak Porta 400VC