Gerrard & Angela @ Changi T3

Never knew taking bridal photos at airport can be this fun. Gerrard had this idea of “leaving on the jet plane” and so he brought his extra-large luggage along. Then, an idea popped up. I remembered watching something on HBO’s Sex & The City and I came out with an idea – why not have Gerrard and Angela walk alongside a group of Singapore Airlines (SQ) girls in kebaya. For the shot to be effective, we needed at least 4 SQ girls and it has to look as if they were all ready to board a plane. So, we got Sherwin (from DoWed) to help us “hunt” for willing volunteers. Unfortunately, we found none. Either they were too shy or too shock with our proposal. So, in the absence of ready volunteers, we had to “steal” a shot. We “ambushed” 2 SQ girls and as they were walking along, I got Gerrard and Angela to quickly walk beside them. They (the SQ girls) must be wondering what we were doing. So, in the end we got our “Sex & the City” shot albeit with only 2 girls (instead of 4). But like the saying goes, something is better than nothing.

Location: Changi Airport T3 / Singapore
Angela’s Gown: Amanda Lee
Photography & Art Direction: Brian Ho