Jeffery & Anne in Hanoi

When Anne first broached the idea of having bridal photos taken in Hanoi, my first question was “Why Hanoi?” Don’t get me wrong. I’ve been to Vietnam several times and I love the place. Rustic old charm, hospitable and friendly people amidst all the traffic chaos. Oh yes, may I also mention that they serve one of the best coffee. Anne’s reply was simple “I’ve never been there before and I wanted something different”. So, that sealed the deal and before we even realised, we were in rustic Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. The weather wasn’t exactly very forgiving. While it didn’t pour (there was a typhoon and flooding two weeks before we were there), the temperature was a scorching 35deg and humidity at 100%. But Jeffery & Anne were game for it. Anne even had her make-up on while we were location scouting the day before just to get a feel of how it’ll be on the shooting day itself. So, kudos to Jeffery & Anne for their enthusiasm and effort. Couldn’t have been this good without them.

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Location: Hanoi, Vietnam
Anne’s Gown: Amanda Lee Weddings
Photography & Art Direction: Brian Ho
Film: Ilford Delta 400, Ilford HP5+, Kodak TRI-X, Kodak Porta 400VC, Fuji PRO 400H, Fuji Superia 800