Ron & Ching

A wedding with a very memorable and in some ways spectacular moment. Just as soon as the bagpipers started playing to kick off the ceremony, three military helicopters flew pass above us followed by to the unmistakable roaring engines of F16 fighter jets flying in unison. And to top it off, we had the firing of canons and all this is happening in the space of a few minutes. It’s hard to describe in words nor in pictures what a majestic feeling this was. If you were to shut your eyes for a moment, you would feel that you’re in the movie set of Pearl Harbor but this isn’t the case. This is a real wedding of two very lovely people at the Raffles Lawn with the folks from NDP doing their rehearsals at the Padang just a stone’s throw away. A few reasons why to have a wedding at the Raffles Lawn on NDP rehearsal days. And oh…do make sure it’s in the evening 🙂

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Ching’s Gown: Divine Couture
Photography: Brian Ho & Luvin A. Lim
Film: Kodak 400TX, Ilford Delta 400, Kodak Porta 400VC, Fuji Superia 800