The Passing / 过

This would be my debut short film that I’ve produced with friend and co-director, Jef Tan. My heartfelt gratitude to all those who have made this film possible. I couldn’t have done it without you guys.

Two people. One afternoon. A guessing game of clouds…
…and the hours in between.

The Passing. A film by Jef Tan & Brian Ho

Parallel Lines –

Starring/Cast: Benny Ong, Phyllis Tan
Wardrobe: Hansel
Make-up & Styling: Sharon Tan (A Touch of Colors)
Mandarin Translation: Chan Wee Guan
Production Manager: Lesley Chew
Clouds Animation by Omens Studios
– Producer: Ellen Xie
– Effects/Animation/Compositing: Donny Yuniarto
– Modelling/Texturing: Shi Wei
Voice Recording: Jason Chong (Red Light Studios)
Music: “Soul Talk” by Stobierski Thomas
Cinematography & Editing: Brian Ho
Camera Assistants: Douglas Ng, Joey Yu, Luvin Lim
Props: Artison Asia
Story & Screenplay: Eran Husni, Jef Tan & Brian Ho
Directed & Produced by Jef Tan & Brian Ho