Tim & Lilia

Tim & Lilia are truly unique people who like many couples, shares many things in common. They both love music. Lilia belongs to a local ambient folk electronic band known as Morphy. Her latest album “Just Like Breathing” can be purchased from her website. Tim & Lilia are also champions for the environment. Tim’s suit was made from recycled materials and Lilia runs Broken Brolly Project, a research and experimental project to find solutions to designing sustainably. On top of that, Lilia is a fashion designer (http://www.liliayip.com). She designed her own wedding dress and came up with a host of other unique creations – sewing kits as hairpins being one of them :).

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Photography: Brian Ho
Videography: Damon Low
Film: Kodak TRI-X, Kodak Porta 400VC, Fuji Superia 800