2009, a year in retrospect

I’ve always been asked what I like best about being a wedding photographer. I love photographing people and I love telling stories. There is no better place for that than in weddings. You see a myriad of moods and expressions and there is always a different story you can tell. And by doing so, you have somehow become an embedded part of their lives, no matter how small it may be.

And I love traveling and for some reason being a wedding photographer has given me the opportunity to do so more often that I thought possible. Maybe the world has become a smaller place now and the fact that you are reading this minutes after it was published is a clear testament to that.

But above all, I think the most gratifying part about being a wedding photographer is to be able to meet people, to be able to share your knowledge and in return learn from their experience. That and that alone has given so much insight to life in a broader perspective of things. Indeed, many have now become close friends and in more ways than ever, I’m thankful that things had turned out that way.

I wish everyone a fantastic New Year ahead and as always, I look forward to many more good years and I wish it would be the same for you too.