Gary & Chin Fern

It poured! It really poured! It poured like it hasn’t poured in a hundred years. I remembered having a phone conversation with Gary that very the morning and we resigned to the fact that we would probably have to cancel the shoot until we saw a hint of sunshine at the far horizon. Perhaps there was some glimmer of hope that the worst of the rain had come to a closing end and so we decided we could proceed with the shoot after all. But alas, that was not meant to be for as soon we commenced with the shoot, it started pouring again and we had to seek shelter at a nearby house. But like I always say, different situations present us with a unique set opportunities and in this case, it gave this series of photos a very nostalgic feel, something we had in mind way back when we were planning for the shoot. Much to our delight, the moody weather that day accentuated the nostalgia and that has made all the difference.

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Chin Fern’s Gown: Amanda Lee
Photography & Art Direction: Brian Ho