Wayne & Grace

I had three firsts here. First and foremost, this is the first time that I’ve used lomography cameras extensively for a bridal shoot. So, I had 5 cameras with me that day – two SLRs, two Holgas and a Diana. Although most of my personal works are done mostly in lomography, for some reason I never really used it for weddings. This is also the first time where digital enhancement was extensively used. Those who have known my works for a while would probably know that I like to keep things natural and “as they are”. However, for this shoot I wanted a look and feel that wasn’t easily achievable without the use of digital enhancement. Last but not least, this is also the first time that the online gallery was co-developed with someone by my side. I don’t usually like to show unfinished work to anyone other than myself but fortunately, it worked out pretty well. Thanks to Pauline for her invaluable input and the “Sex and the City” concept and soundtrack was nothing short of excellent. So Grace, if you’re reading this, you now know that the hard work doesn’t exclusively belong to me 🙂