Mark & Hui Yi

Church: Bethel Presbyterian Church, Jalan Lateh
Banquet: Grand Hyatt Singapore

This is my first time working with Luvin from Pictures N Pixels trying out the multi-photographer, multi-perspective approach and completely shot in the film medium. I’ve tried this previously with another photographer with a mix of digital and film approach but somehow it didn’t turn out what I had envisioned it to be due to the inherent difference between the digital look and the film look. This time round, it turned out much better, definitely much closer to what I had in mind since eveything was shot in film. I’ve always wanted to give my couples a multi-perspective approach to wedding photography and having 2 photographers with clearly defined roles does make things a lot easier. This is also the first time that I’m trying out the Instant Print service with Pictures N Pixels and I’m pleased to say that I’ll be making this service available to all my wedding couples. As you can see, many firsts in this wedding and many thanks to Mark and Hui Yi for letting me use their wedding as the first showcase.

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