Lois & Nisha’s Sangeet

Just two words – Monsoon Wedding. If you’ve watched Mira Nair’s Monsoon Wedding, then you’ll probably have a rough idea of what I mean. Although it is somewhat unrealistic to expect a real-life wedding to have to same energy and vibrance as those you see in reel-life, Lois & Nisha’s Sangeet is in many ways similar to the notion of something I would call “Bollywood Wedding”. Interestingly, I was watching Monsoon Wedding a day prior to Lois and Nisha’s Sangeet as I remembered Nisha telling me that it’s gonna be the most fun part of the wedding with people dancing their hearts out. The party to say the least was photographically challenging in every aspect – low lighting, fast & quick movements, plenty of people, tight spaces. But still, I had loads of fun! Definitely very different from the weddings I used to take but interesting nonetheless.