Raihan, Sarah & Tania at Jacob Ballas

When I was a small kid (which was Iike ages ago) I love going to Toys”R”us. It was like a kid’s heaven. You have all the toys you can dream of in one single amazingly huge place. I can go there day after day and I not get bored. Problem is kids need to be accompanied by adults and my parents weren’t such a huge fans of Toys”R”us. So, more often than not, I had to sneak in pretending to be someone else’s kid. The Toys”R”us these days is not like what it used to be. To put in plainly, it’s rather “lame” and “tame” now.

Anyway, the purpose of me writing this blog entry is of course not to gush over my childhood fantasy of Toy”R”us. I had a great time photographing Ibrahim and Cynthia’s 3 lovely kids – Raihan, Sarah and Tania at Jacob Ballas Chidlren’s Garden. In some ways, Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is very much like Toys”R”us – they are both for kids. The difference is with Jacob Ballas, you can’t enter if you don’t have kids with you (yes, the direct reverse of Toys”R”us). I haven’t done kids photography for a while, so this came as a huge welcome and challenge too. Photographing kids is never easy more so when they can run and have boundless energy. Keeping up with them is a problem let alone trying to take nice pictures of them. Here are some of my favorites pictures…

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Ibrahim & Cynthia Hana
June 20, 2008 at 4:01 pm

Dear Uncle Brian,Thank you for taking the beautiful pictures, I like all the pictures that you took. I had so much fun with Uncle Brian, my daddy, my mommy, my brother and my sister.Bye Uncle Brian…Love Tania