KK & Yan Hao @ Melbourne (part 1)

Melbourne is truly a lovely city. Cosy place, good coffee, amazing food and exceptionally nice people. The city center is in fact much smaller than I thought it would be. KK & Yan Hao had very fond memories of this beautiful city and much to their delight, many places that they used to frequent were still like the way they remembered 3 years ago. So, a lot of the locations were actually thought out by them. And then, we had Edy with us, KK’s good buddy who has a GPS-like knowledge of any street you can think of in Melbourne and beyond. As for myself, I had the easiest job of all. All I had to do is to press the camera shutter.

KK & Yan Hao, if you are reading this, thanks so much for bringing me around to all the wonderful places in Melbourne. You made me feel so at home at Melbourne, as if I’ve not left Singapore at all.

Melbourne University

Melbourne University

Carpark at Melbourne University. Initially, we wanted to have an empty carpark to get the “labyrinth” kind of feel. But that would mean we would have to wake up very early and beat the lecturers and students to it. Since Melbourne was such a relaxed city, we decided that we needed more sleep 🙂

Some people were so curious and surprised that they just had to stop and ask what were we doing. Apparently, people in Australia aren’t familiar with the concept of pre-wedding photography.

Some attention is always nice. We all like that every once in a while. Too much attention is really another matter. So, Yan Hao is feeling a little shy with all the attention she’s getting.

RMIT. Taken at the staircase just outside the school of design and architecture where Yan Hao used to hang out.

   When you spend a day with a photographer behind your back for 10 straight hours, one cannot help but be influenced by him. This is a perfect example.



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April 28, 2008 at 8:40 am

heyah brianit was one of the best decisions we made to have engaged you as our photographer. we would never have looked so happy in these photos had it not been you who’s behind the camera. 🙂 and the composition of the shots are fantastic. you’ve capture melbourne (& us in it) beautifully. kk+yanhao

Brian Ho
May 3, 2008 at 3:04 pm

Hi Yan Hao,I’m so glad that you like the photos so much. This is a very different concept of pre-wedding we’re trying. In many ways, I tried to integrate both of you into the Melbourne backdrop without looking too out of place. I like the series at Flinders Lane best. So natural and definitely not out of place :)Cheers,Brian