Matt & Paola

I was at Suburbia @ Sentosa about two weeks ago for Matt & Paola’s wedding. The two-storey building that Suburbia currently calls home is actually the former Ficus monorail station. The people at Suburbia have given it a face lift and transformed it into an absolutely charming place, quite like none other I’ve seen.

I was told that Matt & Paola’s wedding is the first at Suburbia and I’m so honored to be the first photographer to have documented a wedding there. This is also the first wedding that I’ve ever taken with a Holga camera (not entirely though) and also probably the most challenging wedding venue in terms of lighting condition. The other two weddings that I can recall with similar lighting conditions were David & Elena’s at Raffles Hotel Bar & Billiard Room and Tobias & Kisha’s at Marburg, Germany. All three places are charming venues in its own right.

One of the few shots I took with my Holga before the light became too low for a lomography camera to handle. Holga 120GN, Kodak 400TX

More images of Matt & Paola’s wedding can be seen at

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March 7, 2008 at 4:57 am

Nice!The profiteroles look so yummy.