Magazine PhotoBook

Just two weeks ago, I wrote about the FineArt PhotoBook, the latest addition to the FineArt series of photo albums. Like FineArt PhotoBook, the Magazine PhotoBook is designed to look and feel like a book.

First glance
The Magazine PhotoBook is the first photo album offering which is not from the FineArt series. I got it printed and binded in the US. It came delivered in a big and very well padded UPS box. The first impression was quite amazing. The Magazine PhotoBook does really feel like an expensive book you see in Borders or Barnes & Noble. Comes complete with a nice black box as well as a cover jacket. The book is perfect-binded and the pages can either be matte or gloss laminated. So, for those couples who have Dennis the Menace for nephews or over-excited mother-in-laws, this extra durability and protection come as a big welcome.

Magazine vs FineArt
The quality and page finishing of the Magazine is generally very good and I certainly have no doubt that you’ll be as impressed as I was when I was first saw the photo book. While the print quality would please most people, the fine art aficionados would certainly be asking for more. In my opinion, very few prints can match prints produced for the FineArt series of photo albums. This is not to say that the photo print quality of the Magazine PhotoBook is inferior by any standards. It certainly is not the case. I’m very certain it’ll put a smile on most wedding couples’ faces.

Which should I choose?
This is really a question of what are you exactly looking for. If you are looking for a durable photo book that you’ll have no worries passing them to your nephews and nieces, then the Magazine PhotoBook is the obvious choice. All pages are laminated so you can technically spill coffee over it and never have to worry a thing (disclaimer: I’ve not actually done a coffee-spill test on it yet). However, if you are looking for print quality that is absolutely second to none, then the FineArt PhotoBook would be the one for you. Both photo albums have their equal share of benefits. It’s just a matter of which benefit appeals to you more.

Technical Specifications
Size: 8inch x 8inch or 10inch x 10inch
Printing: Digital press
Page lamination: Available in gloss or matte lamination
Binding: Perfect-binding
Misc: Comes with a box as well as cover jacket