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Life was a lot simpler for the couples I meet. Photo album selection used to be a lot easier. I only printed on one kind of fine art photo paper (Epson Archival Matte) and there is only one kind of album to choose from – the Classic FineArt. It was not even called Classic back then. It was simply known as FineArt Album. Of course, that was a year ago.

Things are a lot different now. There are 4 types of albums to choose from. 3 from the FineArt series and 1 from the Magazine series. The Classic FineArt was the first one. Then came the smaller version miniClassic FineArt. I just got my Magazine PhotoBook printed in the US. And now, I have the FineArt PhotoBook which I’m going to talk about today.

FineArt PhotoBook
The FineArt PhotoBook is the latest addition to the FineArt series of photo albums. The idea and concept is pretty much inspired by the Magazine PhotoBook idea which I got printed in the US. As the name implies, the FineArt PhotoBook is designed to look and feel exactly like a real book.

Picture quality
Like all photo albums from the FineArt series, photos printed in the FineArt PhotoBook shares the very same archival characteristics and uncompromising quality like its other siblings – the Classic and miniClassic. All photos are printed exclusively on museum-grade fine art photo papers from reputable paper makers like Hahnemuhle, Moab and Crane & Co. The prefered choice of photo paper for this album is the Moab Entrada Natural. 100% acid and lignin-free, no optical brighteners (for fade-resistance) and dual-coated matte-finish paper which allows photos to be printed on both sides. Photos are printed using the Epson UltraChrome K3 inkset, a pigment-based ink system that provides unparalleled archival quality and color vibrancy.

How does it compare with the Classic FineArt?
With the Classic FineArt, you can pick from the entire range of fine art papers that I currently carry. Popular choices include the Hahmenuhle Photo Rag Satin and Enhanced Matte. These papers are essentially single-sided coated photo papers which make them unsuitable for the FineArt PhotoBook which requires photos to be printed on both side of the paper. As a matter of fact, you are basically restricted to 2 types of dual-sided coated paper currently available in the market – Moab Entrada Natural and Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Duo.

The handling of FineArt PhotoBook is a also a lot more delicate than the Classic FineArt due the fact that when you are flipping the pages, you are actually touching the FineArt paper. Generally, this should not be too much of an issue so long you keep your fingers clean. Photos printed on fine art papers should be treated like an art piece and not like a magazine you buy from newstands.

“Photos printed on fine art papers should be treated like an art piece and not like a magazine you buy from newstands”

Technical Specifications
Size: 8.5inch x 8.5 inch. Customizable to 8.5 inch x 10 inch.
Cover finish: Fabric finish. Various colors.
Prefered fine art paper: Moab Entrada Natural 190gsm (Made in USA)
Number of pages: Customizable
Binding: Stitch binding
Other options: Embossing & Debossing available

The next type of album I’ll be talking about….the Magazine PhotoBook.

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