2006 in retrospect

I’ve been shooting weddings for a good 4 years now. But 2006 marks a very important year for me. I’ve turned my passion into a full-time profession. Here are some of my favorite wedding photos that I’ve taken for the past one year.

Tjerk (pronounced as “Jack”) and his entourage

There are many ways to get your bride. One way is to bribe the Jie Meis(bridesmaids) with hundreds of dollars. The other way is to do a commando-style insertion. The price….just $50. The feeling….priceless.

The reward for a priceless feeling? A piece of nice bitter gourd.

Jason and Tjerk

Some people say it looks like a Jack Russel. Some people say it looks like a Chihuahua. Winnie says it’s a Jack Russel with big ears.